Meet The Team

CUGESA is all about meeting other students within the Geography, Geomatics, and Environmental Studies department. We plan various events throughout the year, both on and off campus (exception for this year, it will only be off campus), and everyone is welcome! Our events focus on meeting people, networking, and educational opportunities. It's free to join, but some events do cost money. 


Below are some introductions about our 2021-2022 CUGESA Executives. Feel free to contact us with ideas or questions either in person, through our Facebook or Instagram @CUGESA or on the Contacts Tab above. We would love to hear about how you would like to contribute to our association!


Olivia Hobbs  

Olivia is in the final year of her undergraduate degree at Carleton University. She is majoring in Geomatics with a double minor in Archaeology and Greek and Roman Studies. Her interests lie in the applications of remote sensing and GIS applications in archaeology and urban planning. When not studying you can find Olivia hiking or playing city skylines while her two cats watch on. Olivia hopes to continue on with her studies by pursuing a masters in archaeology or urban planning.


Sondos Kataite 

Sondos is in her 3rd year of Environmental Studies with a minor in ASL at Carleton. She's interested in social and environmental activism, public health, and sustainable gardening. During her free time, Sondos loves baking and gardening - when she reaps the *fruits* of her labour. With her love for baking, she runs a scone business which fundraisers for philanthropist initiatives. She is interested in pursuing research in urban planning. 

Director Of Media

Nyah Lawryshyn

Nyah is in her fourth year of Environmental Studies with a minor in Industrial Design. She loves spending time outside in nature, baking, gardening and playing bass, piano and sax. She is passionate about working towards a low waste lifestyle and in the future she hopes to be involved in the field of environmental sustainability and product development and design.

VP Finance

Mabel Chua

Mabel is in her fourth year of her undergraduate degree at Carleton University with a major in environmental studies and a minor in urban studies. She loves the outdoors and is always down for a hiking or camping trip. In her spare time, Mabel enjoys cooking, swimming and watching documentaries. Mabel is excited for the upcoming 2021-2022 academic year with the CUGESA team and hopes to meet you all soon!

Director of Communication

Livvy Rideout 

Hey everyone! My name is Livvy and I am in my fourth year of Environmental Studies with a minor in Business! I am so excited to be the Director of Communications for CUGESA this year! I am passionate about environmental activism, nature and wildlife conservation, and sustainability initiatives. After completing my degree, I hope to pursue a career in marine conservation🌊

I love spending my time outdoors hiking, swimming, and nature watching. When I’m not spending my time outside, you’ll likely find me watching literally any nature documentary I can find 👀🌱

I am looking forward to a great year ahead!

Director of Engagement

Paige Arsenault

Paige is going into her fourth year of studies of Environmental Studies and will be CUGESAs Director of Engagement! She is excited to plan and host fun events for the year. Paige is passionate about a plant based life and the benefits it has not only for health but also for the planet. She hopes to dive deeper into these topics during her thesis this year and explore the ways in which agriculture impacts our consumption and sustainability. She hopes to have a career in sustainability initiatives and ways we can encourage larger corporations to be motivated by sustainability. Paige loves animals and being creative, spending valuable time with family and friends, and looking for a new adventure to experience life to the fullest. During the summer, Paige loves to garden, and you can also find her apartment filled with plants!