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Meet The Team

CUGESA is all about meeting other students within the Geography, Geomatics, and Environmental Studies department. We plan various events throughout the year, both on and off campus, and everyone is welcome! Our events focus on meeting people, networking, and educational opportunities. It's free to join, but some events do cost money. 


Below are some introductions about our 2022-2023 CUGESA Executives. Feel free to contact us with ideas or questions either in person, through our Facebook or Instagram @CUGESA or on the Contacts Tab above. We would love to hear about how you would like to contribute to our association!


Nyah loves spending time outside in nature, baking, gardening and playing music. She is passionate about working towards a low-waste lifestyle and in the future she hopes to be involved in the field of environmental sustainability and product design.

Nyah Lawryshyn


razz (they/them) is a 3rd-year student in the B.Sc Geomatics program with minors in Computer Science and Indigenous Studies.


They are involved in activism in a variety of topics in the city including environmental justice, disability justice, prison/policing abolition and hope to use their skills in geomatics and analysis to help tackle these problems.

Razz Routly

VP of Finance

In my free time I like exploring the outdoors by running, biking, skiing and hiking. I also love taking pictures and finding new coffee shops. 


I’m interested in conservation and sustainability as well as ecosystems and watersheds. I’m not sure what I want to do after I graduate but I’d love to travel and do research in remote locations.

Sarah Taylor

Director of Communications

Sarah is in her fifth year of geography with a concentration in urban studies and a minor inn political science at Carleton University. She is passionate about creating sustainable and equitable spaces in cities through activism and policy. In her free time she enjoys playing intramural sports at Carleton, biking around the city or binging a drama filled tv show. In the near future she hopes to do a Masters for urban planning and travel!

Lydia Kropp

Co-Director of Media

Emily is in her final year of Environmental Studies with a Minor in Law. Her interest lies in environmental planning and policy. When not studying you can find Emily hiking, travelling or getting involved in environmental non-profit work. Emily hopes to pursue further education in the related field.

Sean is in his second year of Physical Geography with a minor in History. In his free time, he can be found reading, gaming, and watching YouTube. He is interested in how geography forces humans to adapt and overcome different challenges. He does not know what he wants to do in the future yet but is interested in working with Parks Canada.

Emily Malhi

Co-Director of Media

I love tending to my plants and garden whenever I can. I hope to be able to grow all my own veggies and fruit eventually. I’m working towards going into conservation.

Giulia Chennette

Sean Mcbride

Director of Engagement

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